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As indicated in the 1999 publication "The FORT Family Ancestry", our ancestors lived in various locations: Isle of Wight, VA, Edgecombe, NC, Robertson, TN and Bowie County TX.  The journey from Slavery to Freedom is where we find "Baker Fort and Catherine Peacock", "Washington Winters and Amelia Runnels", "Abram and Annis Ellis"                and "Ennes and Ann Fort" our ancestors. 

Historical data such as "Abstracts from the Slave Record Book of Robertson County, Tennessee Planter, Josiah W. Fort by Sandra G. Craighead, can be found at this web site:


Ellis-Scott 1st Annual Family Day  "Honoring the Ancestors, Celebrating Life"  August 18-19, 2001 James Ellis 1850 -?

Mathis Fort and cousin Melvin Winters; Dennis and Salley Burns parents of Charlotte Burns; Mathis Fort and brother Seaony Fort 

Brother: HenryFort and Sisters: Ethel, Ocie and Tempe